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The launch of the Hebrew translation of Outcasts: A Love Story took place in Tel Aviv on September 5th, 2012. The event was attended by many eminent members of Israeli society, including noted members of the media, academia, publishers and writers.

Click on the photos for a larger view.

The author with Adi Livnat

The audience

Yitzhak Livnat, a subject of the book, being interviewed by local documentary producer

Yitzhak Livnat with a local documentary producer

The author Susan Papp speaking at the event.

Yitzhak Livnat and Susan M. Papp

Mr. Livnat and Ms. Papp with the Hebrew version of Outcasts

Exhibit created about the book for a permanent exhibit at the University of Haifa

Colonel Domokos Aykler, 1942

Letters to Hedy written by Tibor

Yitzhak Livnat (Sándor Weisz) in 1945 as a 15 year old concentration camp survivor

Aykler family having lunch on the terrace

Hedy Weisz

Yitzhak Livnat (Sándor Weisz) in 2010