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Volunteer work

In 1991, Ms. Papp was elected President of the Rakoczi Foundation, an organization mandated primarily to support the education of young people through a scholarship programs and bursaries. The highly successful Students Without Boundaries program, organized each year by the Foundation, brings together 135 Hungarian students who live in minority status from five countries. In 2005, the Rakoczi Foundation launched an Oral History Project in partnership with the Multicultural History Society of Ontario to commemorate the lives, struggles and achievements of those refugees who came to Canada following the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The resulting Hungarian Exodus Exhibit is traveling across Canada and has been displayed in many cities and institutions across this country. A separate copy of the exhibit is traveling throughout Hungary as well. Read more at

The "Students without Boundaries" was awarded the first Charlemagne Youth Prize on the evening of 29 April, 2008 in Aachen . Every year more than one hundred students from Romania , Slovakia , Hungary , Ukraine and other countries gather for leadership workshops on European issues. The second and third prize went to the United Kingdom and Greece respectively.

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Kinga Gal, Member of the European Parliament, speaks to the participants of the Students Without Boundaries programme about human rights in the European Union in July 2007

Opening of Hungarian Exodus Exhibit:
September 27th, 2006
at the Munk Centre for International Studies
(l-r: Nina Munk, Susan Papp- Aykler, Peter Munk, Professor Janice Stein, Anna Porter )